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Most ICQ users believe that the name for the program "ICQ" is just a simple play on words (or letters) and stands for "I Seek You". Little do they know about the mass controversy surrounding these three simple letters.. and the many rumors surrounding their true meanings. Below is a list of what ICQ might REALLY stand for!!!

    "ICQ" Stands For:

    Intelligent Computer Quark
    Insane Chat Quarantine
    I'm Captain of Quality
    Important Cyber Qualms
    Imani Coppola Quartet
    I Can't Quit
    Immobile Crocodile Quilt
    Instantaneous Chatting Quickly
    I'm Changing Quietly
    Incoming Charging Quakers

And you thought UIN stood for "Universal Internet Number"? Think again! Here are some of the rumored possibilites for the real meaning...

    "UIN" Stands For:

    Underdeveloped International Network
    Underground Issued Name-tag
    Undesired Impersonal Notation
    Use If Necessary
    Unplug Internet Now
    Unorganized Inorganic Nation
    Underwater Investigation of Nipples
    Understanding Ignorant Newbies
    Ubiquitous Insolent Nannies
    Umm...I'm Naked

Forward this page to all your ICQ friends and expose the dirty secret behind the initials "ICQ" and "UIN"!! Show them that you wanted to share your new knowledge (and give them something to laugh about)!!! You will be expressing your trust and friendship to everyone you send this link to.

Do you have other ideas about what "ICQ" and "UIN" stand for? Send your suggestions or rumors to me!

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